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Need alternate White Sox Logos


Please help.
I'm looking for present-day alternate Chicago White Sox logos. I have attached all desired logos. The most wanted is the cursive on gray (Away Jerseys). Second most desired is the 3-line logo. The others would be an added bonus, but not as desperate for them as the first two.

I need them in vector format, pref eps. Corel will work as well.

Thanks, in advance, for any and all help!


Image icon away_jerseys.png22.23 KB
Image icon 3-line_logo.png10.09 KB
Image icon 3rd_alternate.png9.65 KB
Image icon 4th_alternate.png9.65 KB
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what ver of corel can you use or can send as eps

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I can use up to v. X3

Thanks so much for your reply.


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did you get the email I sent you??

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I'm sorry; just seeing this. I had given up.

No, I never recvd your email. Please send again if you don't mind.