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Need feedback for my logo


Business name uses a custom font to emphasize improvement in grades, colors are meant to be contrasting and eye catching but still pleasing to look at and professional.

Other fonts are thick, block and serious to be visible from far away

Logo represents an education service provider that deals with kids of ages between 6 and 18, but mainly between 6 to 12. Focus on learning through fun and meaningfully but still getting good grades

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You probably already knew this but, there are some unpolished details on the icon:
• Move the biggest smoke cloud to the bottom, an edge is showing.
• There are two really thin lines on the pencil, one on the left side and one inside.

As for the idea, in my opinion... this would work for children ages 6 - 10 but definitely not 12 and much less 18; if that was an important aspect of the brief I would have made it a little bit more serious, a tad less playful type, the rocket pencil stays but the star has to go

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I think it's great. Being more of a Content editor than design editor, I would recommend title case for your subtitle. Right now it's sentence case which would require punctuation at the end but punctuation always look stupid on a subtitle :-) title case is capitalized like a title or headline...
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My feedback is strictly from a screen printing point of view. Sometimes when we print a logo that has all of the text immeditaely to the right of it (or left of it), when you look at it on the back of a t shirt it looks very off center to the eye. For a tee print, I might suggest moving the rocket above and center of the text. Just for tee printing only.