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Need Font Wagner Grotesk Pro


Does any one have Wagner Grotesk Pro? It would be greatly appreciated!


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Would you be so kind to send that font to me as well?
Would be very grateful to You

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I would but i have no contact info for you...

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can you please send it to me too? Would be awesome if you did that, can't find it anywhere


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hai Jetcutter, can you send it to me too?

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yeah, me too JetCutter... please :)


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Sent to all. ^^^^

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I would really like to get my hands on that font too.

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I am in serious need of this font too if possible matey.

Many thanks

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I'm a bit late, but can anyone sent it to me please

Many thanks Rene

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Hey there, would it be possible for someone to send it to me as well please? I'd greatly appreciate it.


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Can you send the font to me please?'s picture

I would apreciate having it, too. Many thanks if you can send it to

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Great Font any chance I can get it

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can you sent to me Wagner Grotesk font? thank you

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Sent please font..thanks