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Need Logo/Title Advice


Hello everyone! I've been on here for quite a while, but never active. I've learned a lot in watching everything in the Critique section and it's only made me a better designer, despite going to school for it! Haha.

Anyway... I'm working on self publishing a comic, and I'm almost completely stumped as to what the title logo should be. Here's a, hopefully, brief synopsis for Menagerie. (excuse my lack of names and things, not trying to give too much information to the wrong people)

The year is 2085. A group of serial killers and criminal masterminds have left a trail of death and destruction. Detective (name) knows who's behind it all. She knows he's got them all under his finger. She'll do anything to prove it.

Main character has a bionic arm and is hungry for revenge. The villains she will encounter cover a wide range of races and abilities. Some are just sadistic murders, while others are just gun-toting anarchists, and some of them have a small bit of paranormal ability.

I guess it's the broad range of characters that has me puzzled on where to start for this. Any helpful ideas are much appreciated. Sorry for the long post!

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Ask yourself this: what would you learn from someone else doing your job for you that you wouldn't by doing it yourself?

Being able to create something great doesn't come overnight. It's a long trail of trials and errors. Asking someone else to do a logo for you just because you're "stumped with it" is a big mistake, the kind of which you learn nothing from.

If you've been following the Critique section for a while, why don't you really try to create something yourself and submit it for review. That's a great way to get what you're looking for.

If you are able to create a whole comic book, a logo shouldn't be a problem, if you're willing to put the right amount of work into it.

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I guess I've just spent so much time sketching without finding an option I enjoy that it's gotten me discouraged. And while I appreciate your feedback it's even more discouraging. I understand where your coming from. I know I need to keep working. It's constantly working without making progress that's got me reaching out. So back to the drawing board I guess.

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Don't feel discouraged. If you still stalling, let it go for a few days, do something else and get back ot it with a fresh mind. Maybe the problem lies in a faulty creative process?

Here's what you should do:

- research a lot about "comic logos". Check out what famous and less famous comics have, identify the trends, see what works, what doesn't...

- inspiration: before starting to sketch anything, get yourself an inspiration fix: check out sites like,, Also, if you haven't done it already, create a Pinterest account. It's my main source of inspiration. Looking at great designs on a daily basis will fuel your creativity and your motivation, as well as make your instincts and and eye sharper. It's also a good thing to educate yourself about typography: have a look at and whatever typography themed website out there (there are tons of them)

- with all that vibrant inspiration fuzzing in your left brain, start sketching. Hundred of ideas, whatever goes through your mind, there shall be no limit. By doing so, you finish unlocking your creativity and cool ideas with will almost magically pop up in your mind. Do not get into details right away. Just doodle away and only when you find something you like explore it further.

- Submit your best ideas in the Critique section, even if they are just sketches. Refine them a little, so we don't have to pass judgement based on a skimpy scribble.

I know the feeling of feeling unable to create anything. I've been a student too and it really sucks. But only by trying harder with a proper method will get you to the point where you know you will achieve something, not matter how hard it seems. That's called honing your skills and there's no two ways about it: work, work work. It shouldn't be tantalizing, it's not like you had to build a space station. It's only graphic design =) It's a pretty cool job.

Good luck!