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New Ford Focus Logo


I am in need of the new Ford Focus Logo in a vector.
I have attached a picture of the one I need, S oif anyone has this could you please send it to

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Can anyone please help with this logo?

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Still needing this. Does anyone know where to find it? I have searched PDF files on line and even went to dealers and looked at brochures. I can't believe something so simple is so hard to find. Ford is guarding this logo better than Monster is guarding theirs, LOL!
Any help would be appreciated.

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Oh, By the way. I have tried vectorizing it in all kinds of ways but it won't come out clean enough for the size I need. If some else has any ideas I would gladly listen to them. Thanks.

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check your mail

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Got it! Thank You!

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can you send that logo my way as well

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can you send me that logo too? at please