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Could somoene please send me all the NFL logos in .eps or AI format? and the UCLA logo? Any help would be great.
Thanks in advance.

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check your email

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I am looking for a few specific logos in vector or eps format:

Chicago Bears
Chicago White Sox
University of Illinois
University of Nebraska

Any combination or multiples would be greatly appreciated. Send to TIA.

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I am need of them as well if someone is so kind.. I am in real need of the Jets..

thanks alot!!!

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please if anyone would be so kind NFL and the Florida gators Please!!!

Kind regards Constant

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Constant Wrote:
> please if anyone would be so kind NFL and the
> Florida gators Please!!!
> Kind regards Constant
Sorry my email is

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Would you please send me the NFL vector logos.

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I have been searching high and low but I am unable to find NFL vector logos. I have been here more than twice but have avoided posting until I exhausted all my resources.

So... if I could be provided with the NFL logos that are being offered I would be eternally greatful!

Thank you in advance!

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trowa, try

There is a vector link on the left with everything you're looking for.

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I know it is tiresome sending every to, dick, and harry files,but ive bee every where including wich yielded me a huge file of .cdr's that wont open in corel 12. So if someone would be so kind as to send me the nfl team logos in any vector format it would be greatly appreciated.If there is ever a a logo or somthing I can help with I would be more than happt to return the favor. Thank you

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Someone please help...I've done all of the searches that I know and went to to find the new San Diego Chargers text logo but cannot find a vectored logo anywhere. Does anyone have one or can you point me in the right direction? Any help is appreciated. The wordmark is on in the upper left hand corner if an example is needed. Thanks again

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Check your e-mail.

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Awesome...Thank you very much!!

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These are zipped eps files...they will work in Corel 12

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Anychance I might be able to have them too?

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I need the new NFL Bengals logo in that bold, blocky lettering that is the same as the "B" on the helmet that has stripes in it. If anyone has the "B" I would like that too! All in vector format please. I already found a NFL logos zip file but it only had the jumping tiger and the tiger face. Please help me

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I can give the Bengals to you, but your e-mail address is hidden.

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I am looking for the Chargers Bolt and text logo both in vector format, USFOOTYFAN??? I see you sent those out already, I would appreciate it, Pete

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anyway I could get an email of this vector file as well. i would trade someone a harley file for it.

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if anyone doesnt mind... patriots logo would be VERY appreciated... eps, cdr, vector(preferred)...

also if u happen to have a Boston Celtics one, please send it my way!

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I am looking for NFL logos and various NCAA logos in .ai or .eps. Would it be possible to have them sent to
Thank you very much this is greatly appreciated.


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anyone have the Greenbay packers logo, I can trade University of Louisville or some Harley logo's as well. Please help.

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I am looking for the Seattle Seahawks Logo. Also does anyone know what font they use for their Logo?

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I am looking for the logs and wordmarks for all NFL teams...Could anyone help me out?
please e-mail to

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I am also looking for NFL team logos.

Thanks in advance! :)

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me too please

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Could somoene please send me the NFL logo in .eps or AI format? and the Super bowl XLII logo? Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance.

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You should find something here

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Hi Stuf01,
Which teams do you need?
No need to trade I'll just send what you want!!!


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I am looking for nfl for corel if any can help.please send .

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Could anyone please send me all the NFL logos in .eps or AI format? and the UCLA logo? Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance.

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email me with the RE: NFL Logos or NCAA so it doesn't go to my spam and I'll send them to ya in a compressed file that U can unzip. (has them in AI file format)



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could someone send me nfl nba nhl all sports logos whatever available is greatly appreciated in eps format