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hey there!

could anyone help me with finding out who owns the PKR Brand logo!

Information below:

Designer: erick04
Contributor: unknown
Vector format: cdr
Vector Quality:
No ratings Rate
Updated on:
Mon, 09/14/2009 - 17:38

I would like to contact the owner of this logo if possible.

Kind Regards
Coralie Watson

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Hi Coralie.

Can you give the link to the logo, please?

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To be honest, I doubt that this is the actual PKR logo. More than likely, this is just a quite crude reproduction of it.

I doubt that a big company like PKR, at least when it used to be, would post a very shoddy version of their once famous logo for everyone to download freely, let alone letting the designer post it himself. And the fact it seems to originate from Spain makes it even more unlikely to be genuine.

Lastly, this looks like a very basic vector version of the logo. The real logo looks nothing like that in terms of treatment.

If you work for the company that bought PKR, you should try to find out what agency created the logo back then. This should be documented somewhere or at least former employees should know.

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There once Famous logo has Been recreated by us

We used this logo posted on this website in the earlier days, recreated a new logo with the graphics I had created and merged them together creating a much better logo. it isn't as great as PKR's logo but it stands out just the same as theirs does even today!

I always read the small print these days but didn't when I downloaded this and was like a little concerned with the copy righted content that was stated along side the download,

I know former staff from PKR its where we get our advice from!
they were sure no one owns the logo and clearly this poster did us a favour because it was posted when pkr was still in operation and lucky they are not anymore.

once again it was the small print that got us!
well that was an interesting reply from you and good to hear you may of played there.
have a nice evening :)

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Ok, I'm not sure I understand everything, but you can check your inbox ;)

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sure, how do I locate my inbox?

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I meant your email inbox. The one you used to log on this site.