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I have asked a friend of mine his opinion about this symbol (actually a complete brand identity).
He pointed me to these graphics:

I don't have used Gerstner as direct inspiration, BUT I have studied Swiss Graphic Design quite intensely at the University. My opinion is that that Gerstner's work is in my deep mind / subconscious. I have used a simple square grid to design it, exactly like Gerstner did - it is the easier and natural way to do it for everyone I suppose.

FACT: client already signed off this symbol (plus lettering) before I recognise the similarity. And he loves it.

PROBLEM: Should I tell the client the honest truth? Is it plagiarism? Or just connect a square and a circle is too general to be copyrighted?


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This is a great question for an attorney but if the two companies in question are in a similar line of commerce you may have a problem.