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Porsche logo


Hi can somebody please email me with the Porsche logo EPS. ta

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check ur mail

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Hi there,

Anyone got an eps of this?

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I have it. Let me know where to send it.

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How about uploading it to this site?

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would anyone be able to send me the logo?

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Hi AlchemyCreative, any sign of logo?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi there!

Could anyone send it to me too, please?


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I would also love to have one thanks.

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i got it but it is just a jpeg with a box around it. i am making a true one but it is time consuming, so when i am finished i will send it out.

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Marshal ... want to upload this logo?

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I had gotten the corel file off this site (a very nice one btw, thanks to whoeverr uploaded it), there were like 5 or 6 logos. A couple of days later they are gone. I think bav may have been requested to remove them so posting it at the "bad" place.

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thanks to brad i got the file and ive converted it to lines so you can use it on a plotter or something

the stock file also so you can print it.

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any way I could get that porsche logo off of one you. Need it to put on a porsche
can you send it to

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You can find them by searching almost any torrent site