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Porsche logo


I am after a vectorized version of the Porsche logo, really all I need is the word Porsche. Thank you for the help.

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Sent you some info

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Thanks Jetcutter, I wasn't able to open that file though. Anybody have an ai or eps?

Thank you.

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i also do need the "PORSCHE" text font if any or the eps for the word alone. i have done the logo as well.
if you could send it to

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Hi Ibrahim,

You can pull it from this PDF file :
(download the PDF and open with Illustrator)


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I guess everybody would get interested about this amusement park that is being made by the Porsche.Porsche has announced intends to build a new 53-acre Experience Center in the city of Carson in the Los Angeles Basin. The designs were declared this week at the 2011 LA Auto Show. Type of an amusement park for speed-loving gear-heads with throw-away income, the Experience Center will provide a test track, a consumer delivery center, a gymnasium, a restaurant and more. Porsche intends to open the center in 2013. I found this here: <a title="Porsche plans to open Experience Center near Los Angeles" href=" plans to open Experience Center near Los Angeles</a>

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I am trying to find the font that was used for the Carrera S logo. Please send any information to

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Thanks y5cafe, this vector Porsche is very success...

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Could you send me the vector too please? Thank you!