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Search Broken?


Why are my searches not working? For example Visa or Mastercard will yield 0 results?

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I just searched for Re/Max again and the pictures of people it returned vs ANY Re/Max logo ended up being a dead end. I clicked on a couple of the pictures for fun and this is what came up on the next page "The link you clicked on is malformed. Contact the editor of the originating page."

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Yeah, same for me

Doggness2's picture

Yeah, same for me... it's broken

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Same here! WTF!

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1344 pencils

It's being addressed. Thanks for your patience.

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no anda el buscador

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Same here, kinda glad I'm not the only one... searches were working fine this morning, but not now.

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1344 pencils

It's been fixed. Thanks!

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Hello, i have a problem of not finding my own uploaded logo, as i have just uploaded it here a few minutes ago with all proper naming and formats, but the search yields no results, and it wont show in the recent section either, even though i received the upload successful message after saving the logo.

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1344 pencils

Hi. I think there's a validation period before your logo shows up.

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its working....

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Same here! WTF!