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Search issue



I've used this site for many years, but for some reason, the search bar brings up no logos found regardless of what I search for. Is there an issue with the site?



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must be im having the same issue

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Searched for ReMax Hall of Fame, Royal LePage, same thing...NOTHING's picture

Same for me. No vector logo.'s picture

Dubbelclick on Vector Library, then alphabetical. One way to the system.

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Brands of the World, Clios. Where are the vector logos?

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Is anyone else getting this answer when searching for a logo and getting no image? This is what it says when I searched for "Re/Max"..."Sorry, the vector logo is not available for download by request of the brand owner".

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Unfortunately they aren't in any particular order.

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Only way I’m able to find them for now is
Go to vector library
Click on see more..
Go to the last page
Go backwards. Logos are in alphabetical order
If someone has a better way, please share it

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yeah. it seems they are not available anymore... but instead, they are a gate for I-stock. Taking advantage of their traffic. This site used to be cool. Now, it's over

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This was a temporary bug. It's been fixed for several hours now.