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Seeking help with two logos anyone interested in doing a favor


Need the Indiana State University logo and another custom one done, have it in bitmap, but need made vinyl ready for both and in an eps. not AI format
THanks in Advance

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Hi friend Im a freelance graphic designer maybe i can recreate your logo

contact me

see you


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I'm in Indiana, e-mail me, I'll see what I have.


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Didnt get an email address tarmin8or

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hi dear,

send me the bitmap logo, i will recreate it for you
(no worries, i wont charge it will be free)

mail me to

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I think this one is already taken care of.

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zachsdad, did you get what you needed? I have an EPS file of the ISU logos. Give me your email address if you still need it.

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hey tarmin8or what part of indiana are you in.