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Showtime’s “Homeland”


The climactic season finale of Showtime’s “Homeland” has recorded some of the drama’s best viewership numbers. Damian Lewis and Claire Danes in ‘Homeland. ’
Homeland told us two stories in one this year. Both were clumsily assayed, but one was utterly essential. On the surface, season three chronicled Saul Berenson's incredible black ops plot to neutralize big-bad Iran in two phases. <a href="" rel=dofollow>The Carrie Diaries DVD Box Set</a> The first: Sending combustible CIA prodigy Carrie Mathison on a self-degrading mission to turn a high-ranking Iranian intelligence officer into an asset. The second: Sending redemption-driven quagmire Nicholas Brody on a veritable suicide mission to murder the asset's boss in order to promote him higher up the chain of command. To be clear, by ''incredible'' I do not mean, like, ''totally awesome. '' I mean: ''not credible. <a href="" rel=dofollow>The Good Wife DVD Box Set</a> '' As in: ''I didn't buy this at all, no matter how many psychotic Iranian super-spies or cartoonishly craven politicians Homeland used to manipulate me into cheering for our heroes to succeed. '' It wasn't just the fact that real-life events — specifically, the prospect that diplomacy, not cloak-and-dagger, might achieve a better relationship with Iran — clashed with Homeland's cynical fantasy. It was that, plus the show's simple inability to make us believe in its own heightened reality. Homeland has always walked this line; hence, it has always needed passably logical, thematically rich story to stay on the right side of it. Season three failed at this mission and embarrassed the franchise in the process. <a href="" rel=dofollow>Life Unexpected DVD Box set</a> There's only so much ''just roll with it'' you can ask an audience to swallow before they start gagging. Senator Lockhart may have been an ass, but he was right: If the CIA was nothing but Saul and a band of emotionally compromised lackeys and associates of incoherent character hooked on human shell-game hijinks, then it should have been shut down and rebooted. So it goes that Homeland's first three seasons stand as a cautionary tale about how to nurture a hit series, and how a show's most successful elements can become creative burdens. <a href="" rel=dofollow>Downton Abbey DVD Box Set</a> Season one was a remarkable achievement that, among many things, expressed the upside-down, all-turned-around discombobulation of post-9/11 people.
Even fans who haven’t been crazy about this season of “Homeland” have probably stuck with it, because they were so engaged by the previous two seasons. But in retrospect, we see Homeland either lacked a good story for Brody and the Brody-Carrie relationship, or lacked the ability to do both things well. More on <a href="" rel=dofollow>Boston Legal DVD Box set</a>.