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evlind's picture

snap on tools logo , or fonts


Trying to help a friend with his snap on truck wants me to redo is snap on logo and some text.
does anyone have the snap on logo for illustrator 10 or snap on fonts.

Rammstein26's picture

Check your mail

pollypom's picture

Hi there,
I am also doing some designing for a friend, really need to get hold of the snap-on font - if that's possible? Otherwise will have to try and make it myself, and I don't have a lot of time... Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

cjacplay's picture

i would love to have that as well

WebXtremes's picture

i would love to have that as well

Rip's picture

Rammstein26, does that mean you have them?
Has anyone else been able to find the font or the logos? Please kind person, could you spare a Snap-on and or Snap-on Tools font or logo? Thanx

stano03's picture

hey can i get someone to please get hold of that font please would be really good :)

kounka's picture

font seems to be : "Serpentine Bold Oblique"