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UPS logo


HELP!! I need the new UPS logo in a .eps format

Can anyone help??


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Send me an e-mail and I'll send em your way. Thanks,

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me too me too!

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Can you upload the file for all to download?

Then we wouldn't have to always bother you for the logo. Just a suggestion.

Thanks friend!

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DT, for some reason it seems UPS doesn't want to be in the database with the new logo.

Regards, Simon

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Ahhhh,....well then, I'll get on the band wagon here and ask, could you please forward the logo art to me please. If you don't mind....?

Let me know if you need something and if I have it, I'll be glad to share with you.

Thank you so much Justin!

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need the new UPS logo in EPS the shield one

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Can someone please send this to me, too


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check yer e-mail!

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I didn't get it for some reason???

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Hi there!

Can I add my voice to the chorus of people clamoring for the new UPS logo (the shield one)? Pretty please?? :) One of our customers has UPS as a sponsor and only has access to a ratty web-res .gif of the logo! :P

John the Fontaholic

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@ John,

check your e-mail.

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Can I get in on hte new UPS logo? Thanks!

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Can you send a copy as well. Thanks.

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i would like this logo as well. Thanks.

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Please email me a copy as well. Thanks.

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could you please cc me as well! i need a banner design finished tomorrow, and i cannot find the logo anywhere!

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sorry for the double post!

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anybody can pass this logo to me?
thanks a lot

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Me too please!!!


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jopiek Wrote:
> Me too please!!!
> johan_ko
> 4;ten@hotm&
> #97;
> Johan

here we go

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I need this UPS logo in eps or ai also. Please send...thanks

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Here's a link to a full color version in a pdf. Just save the pdf and open it in AI

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Thanks in advance!

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i need the ups logo please, it's a matter of life or death.
please email them to

please i'd be really thankful.

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If anyone could sent me the shield UPS logo that would be great!!! THANKS!

Thanks again!!!!

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Any chance I could get it too? I would truly apprciate.

Have a great day!


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just realized I forgot my email, it's

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I'll take one too if you don't mind in the eps format.
Thank you

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I'll take one too if you don't mind in the eps format.
Thank you

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This is Jenny from China,We produce UPS by low-cost with high quality. pls go

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If anyone could sent me the AI or EPS file "UPS logo" that would be great!!!!!
At Thanks Much!

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Can someone please forward me this logo to me? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!


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Could you include me on this frenzy please - so greatly appreciated!


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Could someone forward and eps or ai version of the UPS logo to me.


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Thanks for the Logo

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I would appreciate a copy also, if it not too much trouble.

Thank you.

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Could someone please forward this to me as well
Thank you!

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Search the site, is here............

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Hello, can someone please send me the picture of the We Love Logistics with different people in it? I need the original image so I can print it on a banner. Thank you!'s picture

seems like its been a while since anyone has needed it, but if anyone can help me out im in need of the UPS most current possible badge/crest logo.

if you can forward to me I would greatly appreciate it,

thank you