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US Army


I've been able to find pretty much every army logo but this one. Any one have it or know where I can find it?

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i want this logo

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check your email sent you one

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Would it be possible to get a copy of this vector logo as well? I am an airbrush artist and I have a client who is having me paint a memorial for his father (vet) on a motorcycle sidecar, which includes this logo. I could make it, but it would take a while! Thanks - Mark

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Did you receive of copy of this design in vector format? I am needing it also.

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Official copies of all U.S. Department of Defense seals are available on their website in JPG and EPS versions.

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I see this is an old thread but I was wondering if you found the vector for this logo.
I am also an airbrush artist and need it for an upcoming project for a veteran.
I would really appreciate it !

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I too am looking for this logo for my husbands retirement invitation! Can anyone please share with me (without the draft watermark)?

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Is there any way you could send me a vector of this logo?

My email address is

Thanks in advance!