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Vector Help 2


Can't import downloaded ai files from "Brands of the World" I have CorelDraw 10.410 and Win 8.1. Does Brand of the World have a program that it recommends.


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Well, you can't open these files in Corel Draw simply because they ARE AI files. AI stands for Adobe Illustrator. They're just incompatible with Corel Draw.

My advice is to use Illustrator rather than Corel, you won't be in this kind of hassle as much. If ever.

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Also, it would be helpful if everybody would stop uploading files as AI or CDR and just upload everything as EPS. That's how we all avoid these problems.

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Agree with Jacques EPS files are best for everyone that ver of Corel is old and doesn't have the correct import filters for newer AI files And Corel can import AI files if the ver is correct