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World Cup Football Associations Logos


Of the 32 teams, I have found 23.

Does anyone have the national team logos for:

Australia, Ecuador, Ghana, Iran, Serbia, Sweden, Togo, Tunisia & USA.

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I have been able to find 6 more. However, I cannot find for Serbia, Iran & Togo. Any help would be appreciated.

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I apologize for posting again. I have Serbia. I have been unable to find anything for Iran & Togo.

I have 30 out of 32 now. Any help with the last two will be appreciated. Thank you again.

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hey DVDAudio would you send me the logos you have? Thanks

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check this website
soccer logos, doesnt have the ones you lookin for but it has a lot of logos

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Thanks for the tip, that was the site I used to get the 7 logos I did not have previously.

Unfortunately Togo and Iran are not in there, if aynyone has both or either of those, let me know. Thanks again.

I used wikpedia (under search I typed 'fifa world cup 2006') to verify and see how the logo designs looked like.

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5950king, the 30 sent.

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Could someone send me the logos as well?


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Hey DVDAudio can you send me the logo of Serbia?. My email is
I sent you the logos of Iran and Togo that I have.

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I sent the Serbia.

Thanks for those pics, however, I'm looking for the vector versions of Togo and Iran, if anyone has, they would be appreciated.