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World map


Anyone own something like this:

Would be great to contact me:



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I don't know what these look like because I haven't downloaded them, and the description below is from the forum that I found them in.

19 JPG and PDF Maps of the World
The JPEG maps are static but with the PDF maps you can zoom!

In order to view the PDF map files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to print a map or to zoom in on specific areas of a map (e.g., zooming in enlarges type that is otherwise unreadable). In General, use the JPEG version as an overview and use the PDF version for more detail..


1. Africa
2. Antarctic Region
3. Arctic Region
4. Asia
5. Central Africa
6. Central America and the Caribbean
7. Central Balkan Region
8. Commonwealth of Independent States
9. Europe
10. Kosovo
11. Middle East
12. North America
13. Oceania
14. Physical Map of the World
15. Political Map of the World
16. South America
17. Southeast Asia
18. Standard Time Zones of the World
19. United States