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Yugoslav football logos


Hello, I've found lots of logos from teams of ex.Yugolavia. They're excellent. Agnyotkin and others realy did great job.
I'm wandering if someone would be ready to make some more, i have a lot of pictures. I would specially need logo of lokomotiva zagreb, i can send pictures of it. my mail-

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i missspeled, . sory

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Well, if someone will be doing it, here is the badge and underneath the colored version in blue-white-gold combination.

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Also about Trep??a Mitrovica,
this is their currentlogo
and then here it's their 70s,. 80s logo, it is the same, it's incorrect:
it should be like this:

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I found out that Varteks has two logos, almost the samwe, one is incorrect.
None of them is old, it should be like this:

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Great, i see someone did the lokomotiva logo.

Although i believe that they have a new one: :D