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The Brands of the World 2012 Logo Awards is now closed. The judging begins and the winners will be announced at the end of February 2013. Thank you!

Update: The winners announcement is delayed to 7th or March, 2013.

What is Brands of the World Logo Awards?

Brands of the World is one of the largest branding website in the world with over 3 million visits a month and more than 700,000 registered users. Brands of the World Logo Awards aims to award the best work in branding and logo design. The objective of the awards is to bring recognition and new clients to all participants of the competition.

Who decides who wins?

The winning entries will be selected by jurors, who will be selected based on their professional excellence in branding and design. The jury will be announced gradually every month during the competition. Registered members of Brands of the World will also be able to cast their votes on the logos they like and these votes will influence the decision of the jury.

What is the criteria for logo submission?

The logo has to be your original creation or you should have permission from the designer or the owner of the logo to submit it. The logo must have been created in the year 2012 between January 1 till December 31.

What is required to submit a logo?

You need to have an at least 200x200px image of the logo and information about the client and the designer. You can also upload accompanying images with the logo that show the logo in use on different backgrounds or on stationary and other branding elements. This will help the public and the jury see how the logo comes to life.

How much does it cost to enter a logo?

We wanted to make sure as many people can enter the competition as possible, because sometimes best logo designs are made for small companies, so we lowered the price from the usual $30-50 paid at logo award competitions to just US$19. You need to pay this fee after uploading your logo submission. You can pay with PayPal or Credit Card processed by PayPal to ensure maximum security and ease of use.

What is the prize for participants and winners?

The main and most important prize is the prestige of participating and winning at Brands of the World, one of the largest and most recognized branding websites in the world. Your uploads will be seen by many employers and potential clients, which may result in job offers or freelance jobs.

We will also give an Apple new iPad 16GB Wifi to one overall Gold winner and 2 Apple iPod Touch 8GB devices to the overall silver and bronze winners.

Do you have more questions?

If you have questions you can post them in the award forum or feel free to contact us.