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Faroe Islands

  • Logo of Hey Hey
  • Logo of Vodafone (Faroe Islands) 2017 Vodafone (Faroe Islands) 2017
  • Logo of Vodafone (Faroe Islands) 2008 Vodafone (Faroe Islands) 2008
  • Logo of Kall Kall
  • Logo of Kall Kall
  • Logo of TB/FC Suðuroy/Royn TB/FC Suðuroy/Royn
  • Logo of TB/FC Suðuroy/Royn TB/FC Suðuroy/Royn
  • Logo of Giza Hoyvík Giza Hoyvík
  • Logo of FC Hoyvík FC Hoyvík
  • Logo of Undri Fótbóltsfelagia Undri Fótbóltsfelagia
  • Logo of Midvágs Bóltfelag Midvágs Bóltfelag
  • Logo of Nólsoyar Ítróttarfelag Nólsoyar Ítróttarfelag
  • Logo of IF Fram IF Fram
  • Logo of EB/Streymur EB/Streymur
  • Logo of Argja Bóltfelag Argja Bóltfelag
  • Logo of Vágs Bóltfelag og VB/Sumba Vágs Bóltfelag og VB/Sumba
  • Logo of VB Vágur VB Vágur
  • Logo of Innspark Innspark
  • Logo of 07 Vestur 07 Vestur
  • Logo of Víkingur Víkingur
  • Logo of Vikingur Gota Vikingur Gota
  • Logo of HB Torshavn HB Torshavn
  • Logo of B71 Sandoy B71 Sandoy
  • Logo of Argja Boltfelag Argja Boltfelag
  • Logo of EB/Streymur Eidi EB/Streymur Eidi
  • Logo of B71 B71
  • Logo of LIF Leirvik LIF Leirvik
  • Logo of VB Simba VB Simba
  • Logo of Skala IF Skala IF
  • Logo of B36 Torshavn B36 Torshavn