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  • Logo of Crime Fighters Crime Fighters
  • Logo of Corstor Corstor
  • Logo of Corridors Corridors
  • Logo of Coronation Coronation
  • Logo of Coroma Doors Coroma Doors
  • Logo of Corma Corma
  • Logo of Coral Coatings Coral Coatings
  • Logo of Copy & Printing Copy & Printing
  • Logo of Cool Ryder Cool Ryder
  • Logo of Continental Tyres Continental Tyres
  • Logo of Contill Farmer Contill Farmer
  • Logo of Conti Stop Conti Stop
  • Logo of Conti Partner Conti Partner
  • Logo of Consys Consys
  • Logo of Connoiseurs Connoiseurs
  • Logo of Conference Link Conference Link
  • Logo of Concordia Snr. Sec. Concordia Snr. Sec.
  • Logo of CompuTeach CompuTeach
  • Logo of Complimed Complimed
  • Logo of Compaq Compaq
  • Logo of Comex Comex
  • Logo of Combumbi Combumbi
  • Logo of Comb Thru Comb Thru
  • Logo of Comav Comav
  • Logo of Comair Comair
  • Logo of Colourgem Colourgem
  • Logo of Cobra Cobra
  • Logo of CMA CMA
  • Logo of Clipper Clipper
  • Logo of City of Winhoek City of Winhoek
  • Logo of City Private Detectives City Private Detectives
  • Logo of City Police City Police