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Absolute Body and Soul

Brief from client 

To create a logo for a company that produces hand made products such as soap, candles, aromatherapy oils and also provides spiritual healing workshops.
The logo was to include a Celtic theme, this was important to the client as they are from a Celtic background. It was also to portray love, care, body and soul.
A single colour logo was requested to reduce production costs.


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163 pencils

I really like this one! I liked the third version as well, but I would worry a little that it's too tall! And I'm usually not a fan of Copperplate Gothic (is that what the subtext is here??) but it works here- nice and clean! The only thing I might work on a little is the thickness/thinness of that loopy line that leads up to the heart- you want to make sure it won't disappear when reduced to a smaller size!!

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Thanks for the critique saraqroxy, i'll try the logo smaller and see what happens to the line.

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