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Any "BRYGHT" ideas?

Brief from client 

I would like the logo to capture the emotion of bright (Bryght) smart thinkng, hard working, brillant, luminous real estate investors. Logo needs to be a flat design and also work in black and white.

I am looking for a logo that is not first thought obvious such as a house or a building as the main element. I m looking for something that is unexpected and creative...a thinking person's logo. When someone views the logo I want them to say "I get it".

I need to separate myself from all of the mundane real estate logos that have houses and buildings as the main element.. I want to tap into the emotional state of buying and selling real estate. Something that says you can trust this guy because he has a high level of integrity, he has a bright smart way of thinking, the gears are turning and this real estate deal will happen in an efficient timely manner.

The logo element needs to play off the portmanteau name "Bryght" pronounced bright.

The definition of "bright" is:
Definition of bright
1 a : radiating or reflecting light : shining, sparkling bright lights bright eyes
b : sunny a bright day; also : radiant with happiness bright smiling faces bright moments
2 : illustrious, glorious brightest star of the opera
3 : beautiful
4 : of high saturation or lightness bright colors
5 a : lively, cheerful
be bright and jovial among your guests —William Shakespeare
b : intelligent, clever a bright idea bright children
6 : auspicious, promising bright prospects for the future

Synnonyms of "bright"



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You are only allowed one logo per post. You can post alternate versions in the comment sections.

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I think the logo is great! The only thing I hesitate with is the fact that the brief says to make it not a house and you made it a house.

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Client ok'd the house. They didn't want an icon that literally looked like a house with shutters, windows, green grass and a picket fence.

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This Logo is perfect. I never like to use gradients but if they like it that way (which clients often do) then maybe work with it so it looks like it is glowing from the door and then outwards.

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All suggestions and comments welcomed. Trying to fine tune and tweak.

Does anyone have a favorite font that would work better?

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