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Caesar's Head

Brief from client 

Third one of my little series here.

This park doesn't necessarily have any cool peaks to go off of, so I played on the waterfall they have called Raven's Cliff Falls. I'll attach a photo of that in the comments.


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Reminds me of the camelback ( the two humps ) with the sun in between.

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I think the colors are nice in this one. And follows your style, and the photo. But I feel like you could do a little more on the two mountains on either side to make them look less "blobby." (that's probably not a word lol) They seem a little neglected compared to your other two in the series. Also the pinkish area has a lot more detail on the left than the right. If there is nothing distinguishing about those areas, I'd give them equal detail.

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It's nice, but I wonder if there was a way to make it look less mirrored/symmetrical? I think the two giant hills are what drive that point home, as well as the Park Ranger Nazis ;)

Colors are nice though, and you've stayed true to the look of the other pieces in your series.

Now we just need them all side by side when 100% finished!

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I uploaded an edited version >.>

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