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Brief from client 

Alright guys. This one was definitely, 100% the most challenging one I've done so far.

Lay it on me.


shanuea's picture
158 pencils

Honestly this is the best one so far. I just love the colors and how you did the wetlands/clouds.

The crocodile silhoette could be better defined if you cut away some of the grey rock he's sitting on, or make him a bit bigger. Maybe nudge him a bit to the right of the other rock near his jaw as well.

Where the wetland ends at the tree trunk is a bit abrupt. Maybe continue the tapered edge past the trunk and into the grass.

Excellent job.

j.o.y's picture
237 pencils

There are a few little bits on the left hand side of the tree that don't look intentional. And I agree maybe giving a bit more air under the croc's jaw will make him a bit more prominent.
Otherwise- I really like the shapes, the trees, the clouds, etc in this one. Very interesting.=)

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