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Logo for a shopping app - Mark III

Brief from client 

We are a start-up with a unique service that brings benefits to retailers as well as their consumers. We want our logo to communicate this fact,and be simple enough to use as an appicon. Our initial audience is younger women shopping at lean times on week days. We will be launching in a small country with a very cosmopoilitan, internet savvy population.

I have already got some feedback on one of our shortlisted options - I'd much appreciate some feedback on this one. I should say right away that to mind that there is not much right with this logo. However, it has the strong support of some of my cofounders so I want to get some feedback from further afield.

The intent here is to emphasize the first two letters, U & N, in the name of the service. The outer shape is meant to represent a map pin since the app uses geo-location.

Personally, these messages do not come across to me and I can think of some very uncomplimentary descriptions for this logo.


B.R.T.'s picture
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The location pin icon is used in a lot of logos, so I don't feel that it's a very unique solution. The center anchor point of the stroke could use some smoothing out. I don't really understand the dash thing at the end of the stroke, and the end points are way too close together. Plus the thin, horizontally oriented stroke doesn't integrate well with the bulbous, vertically oriented shape. Your cofounders should go with the penguins :)

ErinsSonicYouth's picture
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You're not really upgrading in my opinion, these are all downgrades from your penguin version.

I think we are all in unanimous agreement that the penguins are a clear, strong winner.

unterm rad's picture
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Agreed. It's important to sketch out several ideas, but I think the penguin was the best of the lot.

unwarrior's picture

Thank you very much for the feedback.

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