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NSC Airsoft

Brief from client 

Logo for local airsoft site.

Logo for a local Airsoft Site.

Thought it could do with a little refresh.

Aimed for a military style patch look for this.

Any feed back is much appreciated.

This is also my first upload in the critique, please be gentle!!



BroodingHat's picture

Colours weren't a final decision. These can get varied as much as needed.

Aimed at something which would work well and not stand out in the middle of a forest.

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Would the site be selling gear/merch with the logo as a literal patch on it? because in that case, the military patch style would make the most sense.

Lose the knife, first of all. It's just clutter and gets in the way tbh. If you want to run with the patch idea, go all the way. Have your logo in a simple geometrical border and make your design and initials inside it. It's not super practical for a logo, usually. But it would fit the motif you're going for.

BroodingHat's picture

Roger that, thanks for the feed back. it will be going on some merch. But appreciate the comments :)

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I think if you get rid of the knife and play with the type a bit to fit into the circle you will have a really solid logo! Maybe a thinner and taller font adjusted to be rounded at the top and bottom to match the curve of the circle?

Also where the wings meet the circle could be made a bit smoother

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12 pencils

The knife is disturbing the legibility of the S. Also if it is for airsoft perhaps you don't need it. Yet, if you are stuck on it perhaps try skewing the angle to maybe .45 degrees and have it enter and exit the circle, in the top and out the bottom to not disturb the text and reduce it's impact.

Def on the military route, maybe toy with some nice shades of green or beige instead of the yellow.

Good luck Buddy!

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