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ONE 2 ONE - logotype

Brief from client 

The client created in 2011 a new Company in the household electrical appliances recycle business. ONE2ONE collects from the main Italian electronic shpos the old used household electrical appliances, computers, TV and HIFi sets.


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(Hey guys, if you upload something, make sure you have some whitespace around your logo, because it is really hard to judge this way.)

Did you tried with flat colors instead of outlines? Otherwise the concept is bit old, a few of us tapped into it a long time ago.

Try it with flat colors and a bit of tweaking in the middle. When in Illustrator you connect two half circles in this kind of S way, it always messes it up.

Try this free software for tyding up messy vectors and joints:

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Maybe like this? The middle S will be strange though.

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I like the idea and the way sensed is showing will work great.

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