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Quality Time

Brief from client 

This is for a college mentorship program where students are matched with young kids.

The mentors are to be authority figures, relatable teachers, provide personal support and interaction.

Essentially forming genuine relationships with the kids.


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I used Nimbus sans as the typeface for this logo. If anyone has suggestions for a different font for the "time" text I'd appreciate it. It feels a bit cold.


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Please start over. At the risk of sounding like Felix, this is a bit suggestive, especially when you're talking about a program that deals with kids.

If you need to, you can take a pencil away from me Shawali.

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Thanks for the reply Cooperads. Could you expound on what you mean by suggestive (I'm guessing you mean its not subtle enough) and maybe put out a few directions that would help with this.

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I agree that this needs to be brought back to the drawing board, although I do not think it is suggestive in any way. In this day in age people always look for a negative to attack so you do need to be careful though. Adding some color and much more playful fonts would help this logo a lot. I think your concept of the arrow pointing up with a budding leaf is quite perfect for a mentorship program. You should think about using a symbol for your logo that could be something like a clock with the big hand pointing up and breaking through the clock.

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Thanks MB! This logo is still in initial brainstorming stages so going back to the drawing/sketching board is a definite!

Right now I'm just working in B&W before I add colors as I don't want to jump in to colors too early. (Though I'm considering the school's colors).

I started with clocks but none of them fit quite right. I was also messing around with the letter Q in different forms, as part of a clock etc. just because of the strength that letter has. But I'll go through that line of thought again.

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Before I critique- is your target audience more the kids, more the adults/mentors, or both equally???

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Both equally - this is a mark that will be used on a webpage, probably print and possibly clothing in the future. So it's going to be visible and should be appropriate and recognizable to the kids that are being mentored, the adults that are using this service for their kids and the College to attract volunteers and funding.

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Ok- I think it could be a bit more playful. The logo right now feels kind of stiff (and the type for "time" doesn't help that) Maybe try a font style that is a bit quirky? Then simplify the idea for the symbol?

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I initially thought this was for a moving company! :) In any case you said you were going to rework so, there is definitely a great symbol to be had for the subject matter.

And you asked about fonts. This font is too blocky and unsophisticated for your subject. Also I don't think the Q needs to be bigger, or that much bigger.

Try Futura and it's weights, (or one of it's many copies if you can't get it)
Could Explore Century Gothic (close to Futura) or even Helvetica Neue as it offers a ton of different weights. Maybe even Museo Sans.
Good Luck you'll get there. Post back some updates.

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