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Voice Evoluion

Brief from client 

My colleague designed this as the new brand of our choir: Voice evolution.


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This layout, especially with a long word like "evolution" will give you many many problems down the road. I highly suggest you abort the idea of sharing the letter "O" in both words. It's a rather dated trick, and the font choice (I'm guessing it's Cooper Black") is also rather dated looking.
Also, with evolution at the top, it reads evolution voice more than it reads voice evolution.
If you are married to the symbol inside the O, then at least move evolution under the word voice, in a smaller, complimenting font. Otherwise, I would consider revising the entire logo.
I don't mean to be harsh- just being honest! Good Luck!

szantog's picture

Thank you, I really appreciate it. :) My personal opinion was the same with font choice, but the misreading with the shared O I didn't expect.

ErinsSonicYouth's picture
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I would avoid vertical type altogether.

It is not easily legible, it makes for very difficult layout issues, and even doing something as simple as putting it on a business card will become problematic.

On top of that, your symbol is very similar to a healthcare logo, which I don't think is the message you're trying to get across.

Cooper Black can work when stylized effectively. The Black Keys uses it as their main logo and used it t stylize and entire album. However, here it isn't used to its full potential.

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