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Brief from client 

Im no design artist by any means,I just like to play with graphics a bit for my own paving business. Looking to get some feedback before I print up this logo on my trucks and gear.

For many years our logo has just been BIG number 7, along simple words.
I wanted to make something that caught your eye, something different, and seemed a bit more modern. All of our equipment and big Trucks are Purple, its what we are known for. Been in business for 45 years this year.

I've always used a crown style logo for multiple things, signifies royalty, as does the color purple. So i just kind of incorporated it into this logo, along with our purple trucks, and to focus attention to our website.

I would like it to be something a bit more. I've tried learning and playing making it into a 3D logo shield, but it just doesn't work for me. I just don't know what to do now. Would like some of your thoughts.


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You have two different yellows, this should be fixed.

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try a simpler shape for the shield; truck makes it too busy; and blue would be a stronger colour than purple symbolizing stability, trust, etc.

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