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A coworking space for remote people in the tech industry

Brief from client 

This is my own project

This is supposed to be a simple, quick logo aimed towards remote workers in the tech industry for a company that will rent desk space on a daily, weekly, or monthly timeframe.

The logo needs to be visible, recognizable, and easy to translate to print media.

I'm not sold on the font, and I'm open to suggestions! I have several different versions of the logo but it looks like I'm only allowed to upload one.


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Is the rectangle supposed to be a laptop or a desk with a drawer? Not certain that makes a difference, it might even be a plus. I agree the font needs a bit more and perhaps needs to be better associated with the desk. Now they appear to be fighting each other. Maybe it wouldn't work at all, but you could extend the straight descenders on the r and t and perhaps make it look a bit like a desk, then put the word desk sit on top. Just spitballing here.

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