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Agência Midiaset

Brief from client 


Agency Publisher, Marketing


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You keep uploading the same logos for the last 3 years. Has anything relevant changed since the post from last year?

Midiaset Tecnologia em Comunicação's picture

Distinguished friend, I would like to make your ultimatum about how two options are attached!
I just fully remember the objections that you like, and I'll post it again, and now I'll implement the agency. Anyway, I would like your ultimatum. Many thanks for your defense on how the unfortunate reviews in the forum.

Midiaset Tecnologia em Comunicação's picture

Your criticisms were much more accepted by us, just as the criticisms about the new typologies will be very well seen. Thank you!

Midiaset Tecnologia em Comunicação's picture

please suggest to us the new typologies.

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Sorry, I think something got lost in translation here.

But ok, I much prefer the version with the fully filled red triangles. I see that you added a little space between the two blue triangles, which is good. The Min the negative space is more prevalent now.

Other than that, this logo looks fine, although it's not groundbreaking. But it does the job.

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