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Alijam Music

Brief from client 

Sheet Music publisher

Used in lower left corner of printed material, and upper left corner of website. The idea was to have a simple, bold, recognizable logo. The logo is square. The background is 100% registration black. Using a slightly altered version of Goudy Bookletter 1911 Bold, the line height was reduced until the j of Alijam appears to enter the space created by the capital M. A registered trademark symbol is added on the right side between the two words The registration mark, and the word Alijam is 100% white, while the word Music is 85% white, creating a slight difference between the words. A pure 1-bit version of the logo can be used for printers that cannot print greyscale.

When the URL is added, it would be added below the square, in Bebas Neue, tracked and kerned to fit the length of the square optically.

When ISBN or SKU numbers are added, they would be added above the square in a condensed rectangular font, tracked and kerned to fit the length of the square optically.

Version history

  • Version 1

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