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Alison cosmetic logo design

Brief from client 

Alison cosmetics is a online store specializing in beauty products, the goal was to create a logo that would fit in a 2cm by 2cm space that would work well on a black background. They also wanted colors that ranged from pinks to purples so it would blend in with the store better. The client also wanted no script typefaces because they are harder to read.

I utilized the pinks that was desired by the client while also trying to create a flower with a geometric pattern to symbolize cosmetic cases, I choose a serif typeface because the client didn't want a script typeface, because they wanted something that was legible.


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You have done something kind of complicated for needing to print really small on packaging! I am not sure it will function small. But aside from that, the top one is smaller than the rest- the bottom 2 cut off kind of weird.

And....I feel bad for this, but I can't help what I am seeing. Especially in the lets just say female body part??? Abort Abort!

You need to rethink your logo, AND the negative spaces it forms, and simplify!

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Thank you for your feedback, I'll greatly appreciate any future feedback you provide.

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