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Brief from client 

clean modern look
short name
one colour, PMS 021

All Media Production
.se is the domain for Sweden


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1311 pencils

Sorry, but this hardly constitutes a logo. You just picked a dated and badly designed font and typed "". If you spent more than 5 min working on this, I'd be surprised.

Creating a logo takes much more work than that. It requires research, inspiration and above all sketching. Unfortunately, I can see that none of these crucial steps has been followed here.

Here goes.

1) Research: don't just go into designing a logo willy-nilly. You got to know the lay of the land. Do a bit of market research before starting anything. In this case, a printing house, as far as I can make it out of your website. Look at what other print businesses have in terms of logos and brand identity. Do the same also for other business related to print, like agencies, freelance, etc. Identify the trends, see what works, what doesn't. More generally, build your graphic design culture. Know what you're dealing with.

2) Inspiration: simply get inspired as hell. Immerse yourself in great designs, may it be logos, websites, brochure, advertising, typography, experimental weird shits... You can start with these here sites: Also, get an Pinterest account.

3) Sketching the most important part. If your logo was Operation Overlord, sketching is all the beforehand preparations, the trial and errors, the planning, the restarting from scratch, until you get on that fucking beach and kick some Nazi asses. If you go straight at your logo without all that, you're in for a severe beating and less metaphorically, a crappy logo. Sketching is the most important part of the process, in the sense it's the best way to let ideas organically flow from your brain to paper by way of your pen. It'll take time, it'll be frustrating at times. But if you keep sketching on and on and on, something cool will come out. You just got to give it times. And sweat. But it'll be worth it. And beyond developing cool ideas, you will also develop your creative skills. It's an investment for your future.

Last advice: show your work, get it out there. Like you just did with this post. You can always use the help from more seasoned designers. You got a better friend in someone who will say your work is crap than someone saying you rock when really you don't. A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

I hope this will help. Keep it up!

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