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AMS logo

Brief from client 

company that builds modular home communities, their clientele is wealthy elites, and large real estate developers

Normally I wouldn't upload something this rough, but I'm feeling really stuck and frustrated and need help. Feedback appreciated.

I felt this was the sketch that showed the most potential. Just needing some good critique to see where I need to take it.


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Well, as it still rough - then I will not use my thumbs, yet. Symbol needs more work and thoughts , too. All lines must be parallel and done in perspective, as modular loses that way. Also, A connecting to M needs to be rethinking, as it looks busy and not all can catch that. Try to make it more readable and simple. General idea is good. Keep it up and lose the light in the corners.

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thanks. helpful feedback... I think I came up with two better options but may revisit this one. please check the other 2

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not sure this one is going to work, but it was a good idea to explore. Here's my latest attempt at it...

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I just can't help but feel this is mashing letters together forcibly, like we usually see around the forums. I'd have to say thumbs down here.

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that's how I was feeling about it. I SO wanted it to work though :)

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