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Brief from client 

I am a graphic design student from the Netherlands.
My assignment is to design a label with a new name and logo for a drink in the Netherlands. The drink is apple cider. The name of the drink is "Antophila"

Do you want to give me feedback?


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I'm not a fan sorry. This looks like it's been done in 10 minutes.

The symbol is simplistic and adding drop shadows and strokes is a dead give away for a botched logo.

The font is the only redeeming element but you need to spend more time working on that tail on this A.

Here are a few pointers to create better logos:

1- Research: before anything else, get info on the particular business your logo will be addressing. Get the lay of the land, identify the trends, etc.

2- Inspiration: scour the Interwebs for great logos and brand identity. Sites like are great places to start. And get yourself a Pinterest account also, always handy.

3- Sketching: I may sound like a broken record to some here, but this is a fundamental part of the creative process. Turn off the computer, grab a pen a few dozen piece of paper and sketch away. This will make an organic and direct connection from your brain to the tip of your pen, something that working directly on the computer doesn't really allow. It may takes a few hours, days even, but you will eventually come up with interesting ideas.

I hope that help!

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