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Brief from client 

This is not a client work. Letter A monogram - chair logo


MisterShot's picture
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Can you guys please help me improve it? Can you see the chair and the monogram? Thanks in advance!

cooperads's picture
127 pencils

I absolutely see both a chair and the letter A. I am not fond of the gaps, they don't seem to have any reason as to why one is rounded and one is flat, or why they don't follow the curve of the line next to them.I also feel like there is a balance issue. The monogram is centered, but the back of the "chair" is off to the left, which seems to make it a bit off balance. That could just be me, though.

xKillswitch's picture
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I think you have a great starting point here. Great idea, strong execution. I can see ways to improve and push it to the next level, though.

Maybe be less subtle about the A. I would also make the line for the back of the chair more stylized instead of a line with flat endpoints.

The font you chose for the subtext is fine, but in lengthy brand names it looks a bit plain.

Just my thoughts. Good luck!

PopArt Studio's picture
10 pencils

Interesting idea! Symbol really has potential to become something great. There is a story behind it. But you should work on it a little bit, especially on the edges of the chair. Also, style of the typography doesn`t fit the best with the symbol.
Try something a bit more elegant, maybe Lato with 500 tracking?

I`m expecting the next version, good luck!

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