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Art Studio

Brief from client 

art studio


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I think it is nice, maybe a different font for (studio)?

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yep, i thing so too :)

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uhm... I'm not sure I like everything about this. I'd like a bit more definition on the woman's head, but then all details get lost in smaller sizes so I see why you didn't gave her more detail. But I guess that white spot in the middle of the face throws me off a bit. It almost look as if you autotraced a picture in Illustrator and settled for whatever the result was. I get that feeling from the red shape...
Typography needs a bit more work.

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26 pencils

Nope, is one of my drawing, firs created on PhotoShop for one poster(I will poste the other detailed version later when I finish work) and I amplified that couse I think I will work better. And for being honest I like the symbol but have to,se the art and the studio characters couse I thing is to much.

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