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Artberry Jam

Brief from client 

Client - Illustrator / Designer


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I guess I don't really understand this logo.

I'm not sure what the swirls in the berry are supposed to be. At first I thought it was supposed to be lettering, then I thought maybe you were trying to make it look like a berry pie, but now I'm really not sure.

The name is cute, but the typography feels a bit disconnected from your symbol.

Also, is this a logo for you, or another designer? I guess I don't understand why a designer would hire a second designer to design their personal logo.

mesmerizing wings's picture

Thanks for your input :) The logo is my own.

To clarify, the "swirls" are in fact lettering. "J A M" to be precise.
They're meant to seem like the cooling slices made in a hot pie.
Connection established ? :)
May I ask if there is a legibility issue otherwise?

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This is not really minimalist, unfortunately. That symbol is too complicated, for the reason Erin pointed out. In fact I see two symbols on top of each other. The cryptic swirls and the strawberry. I'd day remove the first, it doesn't really bring anything to the plate and only complicates things.

As for the font, keep things simple also. This one is very stale and clash with the cuteness of the direction you seem to be taking. Try to avoid visual tricks like the one you did with the J. Again, it doesn't bring anything either conceptually or graphically, just complication.

But you are definitely onto something good here. A bit sketching and simplifying will make this logo better!

Keep it up!

mesmerizing wings's picture

Thanks for the input.

The symbol, as mentioned, is lettering that says "JAM". I have used it along with the berry so that in essence, it is art berry & jam exemplified and all working together.

I understand where you're coming from with the idea that its all a little complicated put together and I definitely see some scope in developing it more, hence the submission for critique :)

Either way, I think I get what you're saying overall. Let me try working on it. Truly appreciate the critical input.

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