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Aspire Robotics

Brief from client 

Logo for future robotics company.

This is for a robotics company that I hope (or aspire) to create once I graduate. I am still not set on the name being Aspire Robotics or Aspire Technologies. Any and all feedback is appreciated as this is my first logo/time designing anything like this. Thanks!


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Sorry, I just read "Spire."

Icons and type shouldn't be so entwined that it confuses the reader, and incorporating symbols in such a way that it replaces letters is a delicate matter that requires understanding of how logos communicate, and knowing how to marry the two together so that one doesn't overpower the other.

I think your idea is a bit weak, overall. The font looks like a default typeface, and the main icon looks unrefined, and as-is appears very common. It needs a bit more of an identity. One thing I thought of right away was Abstergo Industries from the Assassin's Creed series ;)

Best of luck. Just needs a little more rethinking.

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Thanks for the feedback, and wow, the Abstergo logo is very similar indeed! I've also heard from everyone I've shown that they only see "Spire" too. I'm most likely going to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch, but could you give me some feedback on v2 anyways? Thanks!

(please ignore the white stuff around the letters, I used shapes and stuff to block out parts of the font)

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Hi! Thanks for your positive reaction to the feedback. Not everybody react that well, lately ;)

About that new version, it stills read "spire", unfortunately. Replacing a character from a font by a symbol is a very hard thing to achieve and generally ends up looking pretty bad. You have to keep in mind that a font is a complex system of sizes and proportions and adding a foreign element to it will more than likely derail that whole system.

My advice is to stay away from that and, as you said, go back to the drawing board. Like, literally. Let go of your computer and sketch, sketch, sketch and sketch again.

See my comment on this other post, to get an idea of what a proper creative process should look like:

Keep at it!

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