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AX Design

Brief from client 

Hi everyone! I am working on my personal logo as a freelance graphic designer. I decided to create something to help me mark better my own projects. My work is mostly focused on motorcycle graphics, both racing and street. Also I hope to use this logo in the future as my own company logo.

I didn't want to put the name (Alex) into the logo since I believe is too boring and nothing special, so I wanted just to play with the letters and tryed to create something unique. I played a lot with the combination of the letters but didn't liked so much so I decided to go with the first and last one...I'm not sure it will be the final version but I need some opinions before proceeding with this version or try something else.


seanharman01's picture

I like the modern type and contrasting colors. Using the A and X from your name is a nice touch.

One thing I might point out is that the shape of the A resembles a ghost. Was that intentional? If so, bravo!

axel_alecs's picture

To be honest, no. Didn't think of a ghost, but more like a mask (Darth Vader? haha!) as the idea was that "name is not so important, better to point on quality of services". The idea is more or less the same but I did some sketches at the begining and didn't like a pointed A in the top. I like more the smoth lines.

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