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bdv design logo

Brief from client 


I'm a student media from the Netherlands.
I would like to have feedback on my first logo.

My corevalues are: Creativity, pure, courtesy, calm, playfullness

My archetype is creator.

Kindregards Bari


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Dear Bari,

I’m going to be straight to the point, this logo is bad.

I see what you where trying to do by combining 3 letters together, while this is an interesting approach it has been badly executed for multiple reasons.

1. You have chosen an font that doesn’t really work for this type of idea.
Its way to rounded, thick and bloated. This makes it look very childish and almost Word-Arty.

2. The word “design” just makes no sense and the kerning is just plain wrong.
You can almost see it as randomly placed letters.

3. Since you only used one color the logo is also very flat and has no life in it. Which makes it very dull and boring to look at.

If we look at your corevalues such as Creativity and Playfullness I would expect a logo that would scream for my attention. Something thats impossible to to ignore.

Take more time exploring different ideas and try to keep your corevalues in mind.

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