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Bhargav Designs

Brief from client 

Bhargav Ravibhan is Founder of Bhargav Designs. Bhargav Designs logo is creative logo. In this logo in B Font designs creatively and other creatively designs.

Bhargav Designs Founder is Bhargav Ravibhan. He is Professional Graphics Designer, Web Designer & Developer. He is create many professionally logo and graphics and web designing works. he is professional artist for conseptually art work and other art things.


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Ok, let's try to be more constructive.

Before talking to you in the third person, try to create actual good logos.

This isn't a bad start for a monogram but there's too much stuff going on. Stuff that looks very much like clip art, btw.

Using the first later of your name isn't the most creative things to do (people have been doing hit for a thousand years, probably more)

But globally, it is obvious that you didn't have a proper plan when starting this. You just put some random and needless details that complicate your logo.

For now, this is not looking professional nor creative at all. I can see that you have an eye for design but you still have a long way to go before being considered a good designer.

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this logo not clip art. this is a creative this logo in B font and Frame are creative art.

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I appreciate the effort to do something elegant here, but there is way too much going on here for it to be instantly recognizable as a logo should be. The gradients aren't doing you any favors either. Solid colors are always the best choice for logos. If you really want to stick with the current design, you should choose a typeface that fits within that aesthetic better than the one you are using now.

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