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BioMagistral LOGO

Brief from client 

i'm trying to make this logo a bit more modern and fluid, and the red/orange circle is something my client is proud of.

my biggest problem is the font and a way to make it organic. i can change the "g" or any other letter apart from the signature "o". all feedback is appreciated!


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I think the problem lies with trying to connect the 2 letters anddddd make them the symbol. This is often hard to do with one letter, much less two!
Also, your font choices are not very good, and don't make sense with the logo you are trying to make.
I don't mean to sound harsh, but you need to start over from scratch with a pencil and paper and concept. And do a little research on fonts/typography for inspiration and ideas. Good luck

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100% agree with Joy. Pen and paper, along with research and inspiration can go a long way.

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I would really like to know why the boss likes the O and I would also like to know what the company does and what their logo is trying to convey.

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