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Brief from client 

BIZDESK is a coworking space that allows clients to focus on what’s really important and getting their work done while meeting and collaborating with other clients that will add value to their products and services.
Slogan: "Together we work"


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This is a logo for a coworking space business.

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If I understand your symbol, the four circles represent people and the orange lines represent cubicles. If that is the case, the top guy can't get out. I also am not a fan of this particular configuration. At the risk of sounding like another poster on this group, it is somewhat of a suggestive pattern. I think you could simplify this greatly and get your message across. I also don't care for the intertwined cubicles in the bottom row.

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This logo needs much more work. The idea is too litteral and the overall concept doesn't really work.

Spend more time sketching ideas on paper.

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